геодезия, 3D наземно лазерно сканиране, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo и BeiDou - GNSS, геодезически измервания, кадастър, регулация, трасиране


Our geodetic services

"GEO ZEMIA" Ltd. offers various geodetic measurements and activities in the fields of:

I. Satellite technologies

- GNSS measurements (RTK, (fast) static mode) - geodetic measurements, dealing with the use of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) - GPS and GLONASS. The equipment meets the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001;

- Post-processing of the geodetic measurements. Analysis of the results;

- Transformation of coordinates and heights - determination of transformation parameters. Analysis of the results.

II. 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning

- Performing of laser scanning of various objects, e.g. buildings, rooms, interior, etc. The measurements could be applied if update of the cadastral plan or cadastral map is required, or any other aim;

- Processing of the raw scanner data, georeferencing, export in various formats for further usage in other software.

III. Geodetic networks

- Constructing, measurement and adjustment of geodetic networks. Mathematical processing and analysis of the results from the geodetic measurements, using own geodetic software.

IV. Engineering services. Creation of cadastral maps and cadastral registers. Performing of:

1. Measurements/coordination of new buildings, objects in order to update the cadastral map or cadastral plan, according to article 52 (par. 4) of Law of Cadastre and Property Register or § 4, par. 1, point 4 of Law of Cadastre and Property Register;

2. Geodetic measurements (stake-out or coordination) of spot, linear and area objects, engineering installations, facades and other objects of cadastre;

3. Precise (control) geodetic measurements of industrial, civil and other types of objects;

4. Measurements, compatible with ISO 17123-3 : 2001 for ascertainment and creation of graphs of deformations/plane, vertical/ of objects, subject of investigations;

5. Spirit levelling (with digital level) with accuracy 1 mm. per 1 km. double run, according to standard ISO 17123-2;

6. Measurements of a terrain for producing of the vertical planning of the object;

7. Area levelling, according to the required accuracy;

8. Geodetic determinations (measurements, creation of digital models, etc.) in case of ascertain of incompletenesses and mistakes in the cadastral map in order to correct it. Preparation of the necessary documentation for Agency of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre;

9. Geodetic activities in case of approved cadastral map: partition, union of parcels, etc.;

10. Technical projects (Vertical planning projects and stake-out projects);

11. Detailed Plans for Design of the Territory - Plans for Regulation;

12. Parcels' Plans;

13. Profiles of the terrain, using own geodetic software;

14. Preparation (extracting) of stake-out data, using own geodetic software;

15. Stake-out and geodetic measurements of contours of buildings, axes, parcels and other objects;

16. Performing of geodetic measurements for beginning of building works;

17. Creation of algorithms for automation of specific geodetic activities;

18. Creation of digital models. Conversion of the created model;

19. Spatial analysis, using GIS.

For performing of the above mentioned geodetic activities, "GEO ZEMIA" uses its own know-how.

V. Preparation of the necessary documents, needed for a transaction of real estate;

VI. Technical activity in sale-trade, partition or unity of parcels, agricultural and forest land;

VII. Consultations.

For inquiry for service/s/ or in case you have a questions, please use the data given in the contacts page.

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