EU знаме"ГЕО ЗЕМЯ" ООД - Етна3D геодезия GPS, лазерно сканиране"ГЕО ЗЕМЯ" ООД - геодезия.ею"ГЕО ЗЕМЯ" ООД - земя.еюBG знаме



I. Licences and Certificates

1. For activities in the terms of the Law of Cadastre, Certificate issued by the Agency on Cadastre (AC);
2. For design - Full Designer's Qualification(FDQ) for performing activities in the investment design (part Geodesy), issued by the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design (CEID);
3. For administrator of personal data, listed in the "Register of the administrators of personal data and the maintained by them registers", issued by the Commission for Personal Data Protection.

II. Professional memberships

/of Dr. M. Sc. Gintcho Kostov/:
1. Member of the Managing Board at Union of Surveyors and Land Managers in Bulgaria;
2. Union of Surveyors and Land Managers in Bulgaria (USLMB);
3. National Delegate to FIG Commission 5 - Positioning and Measurement;
4. FIG - International Federation of Surveyors;
5. CEID (Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design);
6. Municipal Council of Experts on Planning of the Territory - Municipality Opan;
7. Reviewer of Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture - David Publishing Company, USA;
8. Reviewer of "International Journal of Service Science, Management and Engineering", USA;
9. Member of the Editorial Board of "International Journal of Service Science, Management and Engineering", USA.

III. Insurances

The company holds the necessary insurances, needed for performing of geodetic activities - including: LCPR (Law of Cadastre and Property Register), LGC (Law of Geodesy and Cartography), LPT (Law of Planning the Territory).

IV. Geodetic equipment

(instruments, software, mobile computers, smartphones)


-3D terrestrial laser scanner Trimble TX5, see details here;
-GNSS system with RTK and static modes;
-total stations;
-digital level Leica.

"GEO ZEMIA" Ltd. has the necessary and enough own technical equipment - hardware and geodetic software for performing precise geodetic measurements (using the contemporary instruments and technologies) and their mathematical processing. For the classical measurements the processing and analysis (the adjustment of the geodetic newtork) is performed by own-developed software and for the GPS and GLONASS measurements - with the relevant firmware. For the processing and analysis of the data derived from the 3D terrestrial laser scanning "GEO ZEMIA" Ltd. uses Trimble RealWorks. The company has introduced and uses into its everyday work GIS software for geodesy and cadastre Mkad.

V. Online memberships

1. Geodesy community;


VI. Charter

Charter Union of Scientists

The company uses in its work contemporary heavy duty equipment: dual frequency GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) RTK receivers, total stations, digital leveller, etc., produced by world-known companies like DELL, Fujitsu Siemens, Leica, Sokkia, Toshiba, Trimble.


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