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Know-how. Applied technology in our geodetic activities

The implementation of the contemporary Information Technologies (IT) and created computer algorithms in the area of geodesy and surveying lets offering of rival prices for the offered geodetic services.

The created and used own geodetic software makes possible attaining of high productivity when processing, analysing and final formatting of the results from the geodetic measurements. The software is organized in a way that a minimum intervention from the operator is required. The derived results and conclusions from the scientific studies and experiments are used in the geodetic activities of the company.

It is important to be stated, that the attained high productivity does not decrease in any way the quality or accuracy of the performed geodetic measurements (classical, GPS and GLONASS) and geodetic services.

Depending on the current needs, if necessary a software and/or hardware update is performed in order to offer rival prices in the offered measurements and services in the area of surveying and geodesy.

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